Why are medical doctors striking in a number of nations? | Television Demonstrates

Physicians are seeking to make the subject far more available, but are they involved about good quality of treatment or their personal status?

A lot of countries all-around the globe are going through a shortage of capable medical practitioners. Several nations around the world have taken measures in modern months to make achieving qualification as a health practitioner much more accessible. But these tries have been satisfied with pushback from physicians, particularly younger junior physicians, with several expressing frustration at getting carried out very long and expensive degrees that will no extended have the same benefit. Some have taken their frustrations to extremes, with clients dying as junior medical practitioners in South Korea strike.

Presenter: Myriam Francois


Dr Habib Rahman – Cardiology registrar

Dr David Bhimji Atellah – KMPDU secretary-basic

Dr Alice Tan – Inside medicine expert

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