President Biden, why do you assistance genocide in Gaza? | Israel War on Gaza

Pricey President Biden,

I am composing to you for the second time. I to start with wrote to you on November 4 after 47 customers of my community, together with 36 from my individual loved ones, were being murdered in a single assault by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). The massacre occurred in Khan Younis refugee camp, located in the southern region of the Gaza Strip, wherever men and women ended up intended to be protected, as claimed by your ally, Israel.

I am unsure if my first letter reached you or if your media group built you informed of its contents. Both way, you have not improved your place. Your unequivocal help for Israel, which include as a result of large weapons transfers, means that numerous more these kinds of massacres have been committed with your enable due to the fact then.

Since writing that letter, I have lost a further 220 users of my possess family members.

Just a month back, on January 31, my father’s cousin, Khaled Ammar, 40, who was displaced in Khan Younis, was killed together with his total family members when the put they were staying in was shelled by an Israeli tank. Khaled’s wife, Majdoleen, 38, their four daughters, Malak, 17, Sarah, 16, Aya, 9, and Rafeef, 7, and their two sons, Osama, 14, and Anas, 2, all perished in the assault.

Between the victims ended up also Khaled’s disabled brother Mohammed, 42, and their mom Fathiya, 60. Their bodies remained unburied for about a week. Khaled’s surviving brother, Bilal, 35, built repeated phone calls for support to the Palestinian Red Cross Modern society, but they could not dispatch a rescue crew to look for survivors since the IOF did not grant them authorization.

Majdoleen and her two younger daughters, Rafeef and Aya, came to see me final summertime when I visited Gaza. I continue to don’t forget Rafeef attempting to journey the bicycle of my youngest niece, Rasha. I still don’t forget them racing down the avenue, consuming the sweet they experienced acquired from the store of my cousin, Asaad. Their laughter still echoes in my ears.

But right now, Mr President, there is no Aya, no Rafeef, no Asaad, who was also killed by the IOF along with his spouse, little ones, mother, two sisters, sister-in-legislation and their youngsters. There are no streets, no houses, no stores, no laughter. Only echoes of devastation and the deafening silence of loss.

Now, the household area of Khan Younis refugee camp I grew up in is minimized to rubble. Tens of hundreds of refugees, which includes all surviving users of my prolonged relatives, are now displaced to al Mawasi and Rafah. They are living in tents. They are not faring properly, Mr President.

I have not heard from them in a even though, as Israel has slice off conversation. On February 10, my nephew, Aziz, 23, walked three kilometres inspite of the danger to attain the edge of Rafah to use the web. He explained to me that death has passed by them several times but spared them for now. They are hungry, thirsty, and cold.

There is no power, no sanitation, no drugs, no communications, or any services offered to them, despite the International Court of Justice ruling that Israel has to be certain the shipping and delivery of help to Gaza.

If people today do endure the Israeli bombs, they might not endure wounds sustained in the Israeli bombardment and the explosion of communicable and non-communicable conditions. The health treatment program has collapsed under the Israeli onslaught.

In February, the IOF laid a siege on Nasser Medical center in Khan Younis, the 2nd-premier in the Gaza Strip. There ended up 300 clinical workers trapped in the hospital alongside 450 individuals and about 10,000 internally displaced persons seeking refuge inside or in the hospital’s vicinity.

For days, the IOF would not allow a rescue team from the Environment Health and fitness Group (WHO) evacuate patients and employees or supply significantly-necessary food stuff, health-related materials and fuel. In the course of this time, the medical workers demonstrated exceptional braveness and dedication to their patients, making an attempt to keep them alive in the confront of the Israeli attacks. Dr Amira Al Assouli, who rushed less than Israeli fire to support a person of the wounded in the hospital courtyard is one brilliant case in point.

Plenty of men and women who sought shelter in the hospital premises ended up killed or wounded some of these murders were recorded on digital camera.

On February 13, the IOF despatched a young guy named Jamal Abu Al Ola, whom Israeli soldiers experienced detained and tortured, to the healthcare facility to notify the Palestinians sheltering there to leave. Sporting a white PPE garment and with his hands bound, he sent the information and then – as instructed – headed towards the gate of the hospital, but was shot useless. His execution was documented by a journalist at the hospital and unveiled to the public.

Will you buy an investigation, Mr President? Will you demand that people responsible for the killing of Jamal and the a lot of many others at Nasser Clinic be punished or will you settle for the IOF’s version of occasions all over again?

On February 15, the IOF raided the clinic, expelling 1000’s of individuals amid large bombardment and forcibly disappearing hundreds – at the very least 70 of them healthcare personnel. This carries on a pattern began in Gaza Metropolis. When the IOF raided Al Shifa Medical center, it detained some of its personnel, amongst them, Dr Mohammed Abu Salmiya, the hospital director, who remains in Israeli jail. The justification then, as now, is that they were being looking for a Hamas command centre – a false narrative, you, Mr President, readily embraced.

In the course of the raid of Nasser Healthcare facility, the slicing off of electrical power and oxygen resulted in the deaths of at the very least 8 patients. When a WHO group was at last permitted to enter the medical center, its staffers explained it as “a position of death”. Right after the evacuation of hundreds of patients, some 25 healthcare staffers stayed driving to treatment for the remaining 120 clients in the medical center with out a secured offer of meals, drinking water or drugs.

Amid the standard individuals of Nasser Healthcare facility was my relative, Inshirah, who endured from kidney failure and demanded dialysis just about every week. She lived in the Al Qararah region, east of Khan Younis.

When the IOF bombed her area, she moved to a camp for displaced people. When the IOF attacked the camp, she moved to Hay al Amal. When the latter was bombed, her small children decided to go her to the vicinity of Nasser Healthcare facility.

As the circumstances at the medical center deteriorated, the frequency of her dialysis classes was decreased to when every 2 weeks and then to when each 3 months, causing her considerable struggling. When the IOF besieged the medical center, Inshirah was pressured to go away. Then we dropped get in touch with with her and her kids. We do not know if she has survived.

The large bulk of chronically unwell people today like Inshirah can not entry right wellbeing care following Israel’s systematic destruction of Gaza’s overall health treatment system. This is a dying sentence for them. Destroying a well being treatment procedure is a war crime, did you know that, Mr President?

Mr President, 2.3 million people in Gaza are residing in a concentration camp. They are starved and killed relentlessly. They are bombed in their households, on the streets, while amassing h2o, even though sleeping in their tents, even though receiving aid, and even even though cooking. In Gaza, men and women notify me that consuming h2o costs blood, a loaf of bread is dipped in blood, and moving from spot to location means bleeding.

Even the act of seeking meals to feed your little ones can kill you – as occurred to a lot of parents on February 28. Some 112 Palestinians had been murdered by the IOF as they tried using to get flour to feed on their own and their family members.

Their fatalities are painfully real. As were being the fatalities of little babies like Anas, youngsters like Aya, mothers like Majdoleen, and the aged like Fathiya. There are amongst the more than 30,000 that have been recorded in the official demise toll many additional countless numbers have perished but are recorded as “missing”.

Some 13,000 of the murdered are children. Many are now dying of hunger. Israel is killing 6 kids an hour. Each and every of these little ones experienced a name, a story, and a dream that is in no way to be fulfilled. Do the children of Gaza not have earned everyday living, Mr President?

The Palestinians are between the most educated nations in the total Middle East. They are a quite curious people. Their most burning query they all have right now is, “why”? Why do the Palestinian individuals have to endure genocide at the arms of your ally, carried out with your weapons and revenue, whilst you refuse to connect with for a ceasefire? Can you convey to us why, Mr President?

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