Best weekend getaway resorts in bangalore


Guhantara Resort, Shilhaandara Resort, Golden Palms Resort,  Windflower Prakruthi, Royal Orchid Resort and Convention Centre, Signature Club Resort, Golden Amoon Resort, Angsana Resort, The Oberoi, Palm Meadows Club and many more. 


 If one is tired of everyday life and looking for an escape to  relax in  soothing luxury, a  quality resort can totally blow your mind. Apart from amenities, resorts outside Bangalore offer the warmth of  welcoming nature, greenery that is hardly visible in city center spaces and most importantly,  fresh air away from the polluted lifestyle. 


 Bangalore resorts burst into many lives to rejuvenate the mind and heart with  positivity and optimism. You can immerse yourself in luxurious charm  and choose a variety of activities according to your preferences, including games and small-scale adventures. Not only shady comfort awaits here, but many exciting experiences. 

Things you can do 


The abundance of options leads to a wonderful swimming pool, a lip-smacking lunch or dinner, beautiful bars and the peaceful atmosphere of spas and saunas. And they  just lift the mood! Your excitement will  peak when your vacation offers you  games like cricket, football, BMX challenge, paintball, zorbing and ATV rides to excite the enthusiasts. 


Busy IT companies, congested roads and a busy lifestyle exhaust a person  by the end of the week. If you want a break from your monotonous 9-5 job, get on board as we  present the best resorts near Bangalore for a relaxing weekend getaway! Visit these places with your family or  friends to pamper yourself during your long hard week. 


Bengaluru or Bangalore is the high-tech industrial hub of India and  a famous hub among partygoers and nature-lovers for its illuminated nightlife  and abundant parks. This trendy and happening capital  of Karnataka attracts a huge number of tourists every year and mesmerizes them  with its beauty and many charming experiences. Needless to say, the countless opportunities for fun, entertainment and leisure in this delightful city will keep you coming back for more! But  to see everything it has to offer, you must first choose a comfortable and cozy  accommodation. 

Garden city 

Also known as the ‘Garden City’, Bangalore represents the rich cultural heritage of the bygone era along with modern and hi-tech amenities. Experience a combination of both when you visit the South Indian city of Bangalore. The friendly climate scenario offers pleasant living conditions that make your trip worthwhile. The city offers several amusement parks to heritage buildings and is a traveler’s paradise.


Few cities in the world can attract and encourage casual visitors to live there permanently. Bangalore is one of those few cities that makes people  new to the city call themselves proud Bangaloreans. However, the name Granitlinna has nothing to do with apartments. This is another name given to the city for granite exports, software and flowers. 


 With its wonderful climate, Bangalore is already a retiree’s paradise. Well-developed residential areas, wide roads and well-grown trees on both sides, decent commercial centers, no wonder people want to move here permanently. 


 Bangalore was already called the electronic city of India, but the establishment of  Silicon Park in its outer skirts made it the silicon city of the world. The city is a playground for many Indian and international IT companies. With its growth, Bangalore has carved a niche for itself in the international arena, and with the establishment of major IT players, Bangalore has become known in India as the  unofficial high-tech capital of the country.

The Temples 


Bangalore city has grown rapidly on all fronts. It was Kempegowda who was responsible for building the modern city of Bangalore (c1537) and building a mud fort  north of the present fort here, covering Avenue Road and its surroundings. He is said to have done this on the instructions of Emperor Achutaraya and it was he who raised the Basavanagudi (temple) and expanded the Gavigangadhara and Someshwara temples. He is also credited with the construction of the Sampang tank,  Kempambudhi and  Dharmambudhi tanks in Bangalore. 

 With the establishment of Chamarajapet and Sheshadripuram in 1892, new additions were added to the old city, the former named after Chamarajendra Wodeyar and the later after Dewan Sheshadri Iyer. The Tata Silk Farm, established in 1896 near the villages of Nagasandra and Yediyur, became the nucleus of the further expansion of the city. 


 Two new major additions, Basavanagudi (named after the Basaveshwara temple or the bull temple at Sunkenahalli village) and Malleshwaram (named after the Kadu Malleshwara temple in the old Mallapura village). Kalasipalyam (near the old fort) and Gandhinagar were built between 1921 and 1931. In the post-independence era, Kumara Park came into existence in 1977 and Jayanagar was opened in 1978.

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